So in July I was delivering the mail around town and one day there was a boat on the side of the road on somebody's lawn, so after work I got 'The Boys', Lucas and Geoff, to go and pick it up with me. We also got a canoe at the same time, both for free. The most exciting vessel and what we did with it is what this page is all about:
7/17:The Boat as untouched by us in anyway. the boat can be lifted by two people, though three is better. it is 11 feet long and 4 feet wide, about 14-16 inches deep.  Conceptual rendering.
After a BBQ, we got down to it, scraping. [L: Lucas, R: Geoff] Fussing with the seats. taking them out.
The bottom is in bad shape    
7/20: After a day or two of cleaning and scraping. The bow. This boat was originally a sail boat. The starboard side.
A laid back boat for sure. a lot of the paint came out with little scraping and sanding- it was old.  We replaced the center support piece, so that the dash could be flush and unobtrusive.  
8/20: (a while passes) Lucas checks out the new seats and some woodwork on the stern. We cut down the centerboard trunk to allow for more leg room. the plan is to upholster the seats with white vinyl, along with cushion them. The hole, view from inside. Instead of patching or replacing the back panel, due to a large rotten area, we just covered it over with plywood.
 We fiberglassed the stern half of the boat with one big piece, which was messy, but worked, and then used smaller pieces to completely cover the bow half of the hull. Both ways were extremely messy/sticky.  
8/23: Fiber glassing the hull, for strength, sealing and streamlining.    
8/24: Bondo-ing the bow, there was a rotten area. Bondo-ing the seam of the stern. The back dash.
8/29: First time in the water, checking for buoyancy and leaks. it floats very well, a few small leaks on one seam. It fits in Lucas's truck, and also in Ethan's van (without the seats) The boat is freely floating here, drawing about 2 inches? We forgot paddles but we were excited.
This is to see the effect of the weight on the boat with a motor on it. it didn't sink and Ethan weighs atleast three times as much as any motor we could reasonably put on the boat. Three boys in the boat seems to be the max. [Ethan, Nate, Lucas]  
The front dash in place, also note the new center support piece below/behind the dash. Lucas and Nate showing off the back dash and seat support, along with the finished back panel and sexy angles. Ethan working furiously.
(note new base of operations)
9/3: Third time in the water (the second was to locate the leaks) for an engine test. Ed from the Post Office is gracious enough to let us borrow his 9.9 Hp Mercury. Not too bad, not too bad at all Ethan takin' her out. This is at Porter's Landing in Freeport, ME.
Coming back. Two boys, half throttle. Floats pretty good, "like a cork" says Ed.
9/5: Upholstering the seats. those corners required 6 hands, mind you. That is Geoff, Jeremy and Lucas (clockwise). The back seat. "best 7$ we spent"  
Trim work on the front dash, one nice piece, steamed to make the bend Back trim piece  
9/6: Painting the cockpit a nice glossy "granite grey". This is our color concept at this point  
9/6:Priming the outside White looks pretty good, but we're going ahead with our yellow. All white

You probably better get a drink of water before you see the next pictures....

DAMN, the yellow looks smooth! zzzzzzzoooom You can see how excited lucas is.
This is the first coat.
The boat seems pleased.
The bottom's first coat. turn you head upside down to visualize the view when the boat is flying over you. casualties abound.
9/7: got the boat registered, $26.

 Still need a name.
we've spent about $140 total.

9/10: Popped the seats in.   Ready to hit the water...

© 2005, Ethan Hayes-Chute